It’s About Highest Quality, & Attention to Detail. 

It’s All About Your Complete Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

  • Every surface to be painted or wallpapered is checked for imperfections and blemishes which are then patched, caulked and repaired before painting/wallpapering starts.

  • Not only is the room being painted covered and tarped, but also any adjoining rooms and doors to ensure that all of the paint ends up on the walls and nowhere else.

  • When necessary, all of our crew members wear plastic “footies” to insure that no dirt or mud is tracked in from outside.

  • After the paint has dried, everything is vacuumed and put back into place, just how it was before.

  • We also take care of trash removal and disposal of any hazardous materials. You won't be stuck with a pile of unwanted trash after we finish your job!