Clients and Remodeling

The backbone of any business is your client.  All businesses have the same clients because there are only so many people out there and in essence, we all provide to the same people in some form or another.   But for every business, the client takes on a different personality based on their need and what they are buying. When a customer buys a lawnmower or a sofa they do the research, make a decision and buy it. Rarely is there an emotional investment, it’s strictly fulfilling a need for a product.  Take that same person buying a new car and if that buyer feels that the car tells the world who they are, the emotional investment is huge.  A good car salesperson can sense that and play to that emotion to move the car in one or two visits even though it is a rather large financial investment. Being a remodeling salesperson or sales team takes on an entirely different dynamic. Most people feel that their home is their castle and I have found that to be especially true in the “old” neighborhoods of Kirkwood, Webster, Glendale, Ladue and the other cities along the highway 40 corridor here in St. Louis.  Working with a client to re-invent their home is an emotional investment and may involve three to six months of intense contact and hundreds of decisions on everything from the basic design to the toilet paper holders and that’s before the project starts. The sales team will become financial advisors, marriage counselors, ramrods, babysitters or friends when there is good news and enemies with bad. In essence, the team develops a relationship with their clients and there is no way you can play to their emotions or hide your own. You must truly believe what you are doing is the right thing for your client and that no one else can do it as well as you. The same person who buys the lawnmower from the hardware store becomes a different person when investing in their home.  Time, finances, desire, need and want are all key factors that drive the emotional scale through the roof.  The best remodeling salespeople understand that and guide their clients through the emotional rollercoaster from the initial visit to the completion of their project, and beyond… Tom Riggs, Riggs Construction & Design

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