Happy Holidays!

It’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s and you would think that the remodeling industry in St. Louis, like everywhere else, would be moving at a snails pace.  Who would be calling to schedule appointments the weeks before and after Christmas?  Apparently, everyone!  Last week we had six requests and so far this week (it’s only Tuesday afternoon) we’ve had two.  In the 42 years I’ve been in this business I’ve never seen the phone ring so much during the month of December.  Usually it happens right after the first of the year.  People look back on the gatherings and parties that they had and think, “We need more space to entertain,” or “I can’t do the holidays again with this kitchen (bath) the way it is”. Maybe it’s those corporate Christmas bonuses or the realization that tax returns are on the way, but it’s my belief is that folks are tired of waiting for the economy to right itself.  They see the stock market creeping up without the big dips of the last three years and are becoming more comfortable with their job security.  They have learned that they can do without many of the things they took for granted like elaborate vacations and fancy new cars.  Yes, unemployment is still tragically high, real estate values are still down and getting a fair appraisal on your home is a challenge, but the American dream is still out there and that dream begins with owning your own home. Even this Great Recession will only last so long before people become impatient and begin to spend their money on what they feel is most important to them.  Maybe that spending will be what we need to help pull us out.  We here at Riggs Construction & Design are seeing that the citizens of Kirkwood and the surrounding cities along the Central Corridor of St. Louis feel that their home is still the highest priority in their American Dream.

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