Benjamin Moore Color Trends in 2011 For Your Home

New Year, New You, Right?  When it comes to the home, we sometimes feel the same way, but it's not always possible to load up our favorites (the kids, the fish, the dog, maybe the lover and a few pieces of art) and move.  So, what is a girl to do?  Focus.  Focus on what is good, edit what is not so great, and live in a way that makes you not only smile, but laugh out loud. 

We all know we feel better in a home that exudes our personality, incorporating every aspect of our style.  And guess what-- no one is perfect.  I know I'm sometimes wearing my 4" heels, my hair's done, my toddler's toys are organized, and the house smells like freshly cooked aebelskivers.  But, let's be honest.  There are times when the closets have somehow exploded, I'm looking for my other Ugg, my curls are unruly, and I wonder how much longer my toddler can scream.  Life is simply about creating balance and, luckily, THAT is what 2011 trends embrace, too. 

Balance is a great design and color goal to have, actually.  We try to prioritize everyday tasks so we're getting in both work and play.  We want all the advances of technology but don't want to sacrifice the environment for the progress.  We want beauty in every aspect of life, but only if it's real.  All these sensibilities play into the color collection for 2011 from Benjamin Moore.

Color of 2011 purple 1 
Vintage Wine 2116-20 with Wasabi AF-430 in an entry

Benjamin Moore's color of the year is called Vintage Wine 2116-20.  It's a color that's luxurious and comfortable at the same time.  Violet has always been a color linked to royalty because it was so hard to get the dye (Dye for violet was created by crushing mollusks and not everyone could get their hands on thousands of these little treasures).  That reputation followed as violet was used rather exclusively for royal garb and the robes of religious leaders (throughout European History, churches and kings seemed to have all the loot, somehow).  Vintage Wine has a layer of a rich brown which is culturally a color of comfort and familiarity.  Think of things that give us a sense of relaxation like nature (soil/wood), chocolate, a warm cup of chai/coffee... you get the idea.

When the two sensations come together, we have Vintage Wine to represent the idea of balance.

Etruscan vintage wine color benjamin moore 2011 
Color combo 1 

If you're looking for a few different color ideas on how to create balance in your home through color, Benjamin Moore offers several other choices, too.  Check back in for some other combinations throughout the next week.

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