The St. Louis Market’s Ready for Home Renovations

Remember those wavy looking pictures with the hidden 3D images? Well if you don’t, they were called stereographs and were very popular in the 90’s. Besides from the strain of unfocusing your eyes, the background picture was usually not easy to spot. The challenging part was the picture was right in front of you, but seemingly impossible to see.

Similarly, because homeowners live and move around their home everyday, problem areas are often hidden in plain view or not noticed. Over the past few years, many homeowners have been purposely looking past problem areas like worn cabinets or outdated wall coverings, to save money during the recession.

Now that 2011 is in full swing, people are feeling comfortable with the economy and coming forward with their renovation needs. In fact, St. Louis is a top 20 remodeling market, according to Remodeling Magazine and the area is expected to have overall gains in the average home price. Because of the optimism, there is restored confidence in receiving a return on a renovation investment in the home.

Homeowners are also finding that through remodeling they can keep the neighborhood they love, their kids’ schools and their neighbors, all while still getting the home they’ve always wanted.

This is a great time to invest in your home. Remember even little projects can make a big impact and Riggs can do any project, no matter how small a repair or how large a renovation.

To find out more about 2011 being the year to remodel follow the link to our tip sheet.

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