Home Remodeling: Recycling your kitchen cabinets

At the conclusion of any remodeling project, one question always remains: “What are we going to do with the old stuff?”  You could follow the classic method and send everything to the landfill or you could find ways to utilize these old items in different areas of your home. One of the more common pieces that end up on the scrapheap are kitchen cabinets. Here are few ways you can put your old cabinets to good use.


#1 Storage: For many Americans the garage and basement serve as the abode for the unknown: a resting area for tools, Christmas decorations and trinkets from our past. These cabinets will not only help you better organize your space, but keep these items in quality condition.


#2 Summer House: While your old cabinets might feel outdated for your city home, they could be the perfect solution for your cabin or lake house. If you want to give them a fresh look you can do one of two things: splash on a new coat of paint or—if you have the itch to channel your inner Bob Vila—replace the face of the cabinets.


#3 Sell them: If your old cabinets are still in good, working condition you may want to think about selling them. We realize this might sound a bit strange, but it’s actually quite common across Europe. In Germany, for example, if you sell your home you never leave the kitchen items behind unless the prospective buyer intends to purchase them. When you leave you literally take everything—including the kitchen sink.


#4 Donate: Habitat for Humanity is always looking for quality, used home décor to sell in their ReStore outlets. Also, you may use the donation as a tax write off.


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