Keeping our children safe one design at a time

Toddlers look at the world as a wondrous place filled with new and exciting adventures around every corner. While a child’s sense of curiosity is one of their most likable traits, it is also what can put them in harm’s way. If you’re moving into a new home or are looking to spruce up your current abode, here are a few ways you can keep your space safe as your little ones continue to grow.

While it is impossible to create an injury-free zone, it is possible to limit the risks that linger around most homes in America. As your toddler begins to walk, it is inevitable that they will want to explore every aspect of your home. While plastic, removable baby gates are quite common—they are not foolproof!

At Riggs Construction & Design, we can assist in creating semi-permanent gates that will not only keep your children at bay, but match your current aesthetic features! These gates can be installed in front of steps or between a room/area that you want to keep your child away from.

We know what you might be thinking: “once my child is older, what am I going to do with the gates?” Our gates can serve a multitude of purposes including pet gates.

Another unique safety feature we have created is known as a toe-kick stool. Most modern kitchens have a few hard to reach cabinets, so keeping a stool handy is important.  However, keeping a stool in your kitchen could entice your toddler to climb up on the counter. Our toe-kick stool conveniently tucks away under your—you guessed it—kitchen cabinet free from any wandering toddlers.

If you have a safety concern in your home, but you are not sure how to rectify the problem—give Riggs a call today of visit us online 24/7 at

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