Makeover your old sidewalk

Preserving a home’s charm sometimes proves to be a trying task; however, there are several cost-efficient ways to ensure your home doesn’t lose its luster. Recently, many home owners have been opting to resurface their aging concrete walkways and driveways in lieu of complete replacement. This process is not only ¼ of the cost, but in many cases, outshines a freshly poured surface.


If you’re wondering how the process works, let us explain…


#1 Remove Broken Concrete:It is important that you remove all broken or loose concrete before you begin resurfacing.


#2 Choose Your Design: There are a multitude of stones to choose from when deciding upon a resurfacing design. The stones come in a variety of shapes and colors to ensure the new surface fits the aesthetics of your home!


#3 Bonding: Once your design is chosen and the loose concrete is removed, it is time to apply the bonding agent. The agent helps the new area “bond” to the existing surface, thus ensuring the new surface is stable.


#4 Stamping: The process of stamping involves a pre-designed pressing mold. The result: a fresh, visually stunning area that has the same look and feel of a newly poured surface. The array of stamping molds allows you to choose from several different textures including granite title, bricks and stones.


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