Save with quality home appliances

Many homeowners look for ways to save money when budgeting for a remodeling project; however, there are times when going the cheaper route can be quite costly. For example, opting to go with an inexperienced contractor simply because their bid is the lowest could not only impact the quality of the final product, but your maintenance costs over the next 10 years. The same rule applies when choosing appliances.


We suggest going with Energy Star products. While the initial upfront cost is more, you will see a dip in your energy bills.  Washing machines, dishwashers, and hot water heaters that are over a decade old are often 75% less efficient than new Energy Star products. According to the Energy Star website, their appliances along with the implementation of other “green” practices saved Americans $17 billion on utility costs!


The money that you will save in utility costs will more than make up for the upfront cost of the Energy Star appliances. Also, because these products are of higher quality they will last longer, thus reducing the chances of having to repeat this process down the road.


If you would like to learn more about these appliances and how they can help you lower your energy bill, give Riggs a call today! We offer superior design, planning and remodeling solutions that are second to none. Drop us a line or visit us on line 24/7 at

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