Be aware of your warranty

At Riggs Construction & Design, we have never hidden our love for the DIYers of the world. Why do you think we are in the remodeling business? The sense of pride you feel when a project is complete can’t be explained in words… it is truly gratifying! With a slew of YouTube videos dedicated to solving even the smallest “honey-do” chores there is one thing the host always fails to point out: read your appliance warranty!


It is extremely important that you read your warranty before you begin to dismantle any appliance item. Even if you think you’re doing the appliance a service by cleaning it, please read through your warranty details thoroughly. Unbeknownst to many, warranty agreements often have a section that details what may cause your warranty to become null and void.


Here are a few example of what could void your warranty…


  • Not using your appliance in the manner that is presented in the manual
  • Disassembling of the appliance
  • Not properly maintaining the appliance
  • Any alterations to the appliance. EX: using replacement parts from a company other than the manufacturer


Remember: when in doubt, read the warranty!


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