The Bathroom in the Home Remix Equation

Remodeling the existing space inside a home has become a very popular method of upgrading our client’s lifestyle.  The baby boomers, especially in this economy, have decided that they want better, not bigger and that means improving what they have, not adding to it.  The number one desire of most of these clients is what […]Continue reading »

Kitchens and Bathrooms are the Mainstay of the Remodeling World

A few years ago, about the only time we did a bathroom was when it was part of a larger project.  Even stand alone kitchens were rare for us.  Many of our additions included a kitchen and bath or we might gut a kitchen and expand it into a family room addition, but rarely was […]Continue reading »

Remodel, or Build a New Home?

For a remodeling company based in Kirkwood, MO it is out of the ordinary to be preparing to build a 4200 square foot custom home 45 miles away in New Melle, MO.
Bill Riggs, vice president and “top gun” sales person for Riggs Construction & Design met with these potential clients that wanted to remodel their […]Continue reading »

In Remodeling, Precise Communication is Key

It’s April Fools Day.  I had a trick played on me today that was prompted by my own foolishness.  About ten days ago I went to a prospective clients home to meet with them about a lower level finish.  We talked for awhile and I did my best to listen to their wants, needs and […]Continue reading »

Cash for Caulkers – What Home Maintenance & Remodeling Projects are Covered?

As a follow-up to the popularity of the “Cash for Clunkers” program, the federal government recently launched the Cash for Caulkers program as an incentive for homeowners to fix or update their homes for increased energy efficiency.  This program offers a 30% tax credit, up to $1500 per household, on the cost of (in most […]Continue reading »

My Favorite Kitchen Remodel Ever

People often asked me, “What was your favorite kitchen/bath remodeling project”?  I think they are always surprised by my answer because it isn’t about the biggest, fanciest or most costly job I’ve ever done but a decent sized kitchen project we did back in 1998.  That was when I realized the value of a good […]Continue reading »

Bathroom Renovation – What Affects Cost and Value?

Every year, Remodeling Magazine conducts a very thorough nation wide poll on the cost verses value of various renovations in your home.  They then dedicate nearly an entire issue to report the research.  Riggs Construction & Design is one of the companies that they ask to participate in this poll every year.
It’s a very comprehensive […]Continue reading »